Plastic containers

Plastic containers

We have all seen the horrific images of waste islands in our oceans. Around 50% of these waste islands consists of single-use plastics such as drinking bottles, straws, disposable shopping bags and much more.  

Not only do we all have to contribute to recycling plastics to save our oceans. 

We are also looking into a future where resources will be scarce and a challenge to obtain for production companies around the world. Plastics is not a 100% reusable material, as new raw material must always be added to produce new plastics.  

Recycling and circular economy will therefore be key words looking into the future.  

The All4Recycle screw compactors contribute to the recycle of your waste material. Destroying, dewatering PET bottles and compacting plastic containers in one effective process making recycling profitable for you.  

The All4Recycle plastic bottle compactor dewaters and compacts numerous materials either as a bi-product in an industrial production, a faulty production, wrong or expired dates or other reasons where destruction is required. Our solution is used at many breweries and soft drink producers.