Service & Support

Keep your equipment up to date

Even though our machines are designed to last a long time, it can be worthwhile to keep them updated.

Our service technicians are trained in troubleshooting, servicing, and maintenance. With fast and nationwide service, we assist you in keeping your equipment running and updated.

Plastic sorted and other waste sorted ready for waste treatment.

Why use our service?

Our services packages

We recommend that you sign a service agreement covering your equipment to avoid unnecessary downtime. This helps reduce overall costs and improves your workflows.  

A machine that is idle due to operational issues is not just an annoyance for you and your employees – it is also a costly affair. You cannot serve your customers optimally, and your employees cannot perform their jobs.


Pay-per-use service

service is based usage and consumption.

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Service Contract


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Full-Service Agreement


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The key to low costs for you!

When purchasing a Recycling machine, compactor, or other equipment, we offer installation, user training, and a service agreement of your choice. We aim for your waste management to be a success, ensuring minimal downtime where your equipment is not operational.